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Lightning strike leaves behind 15-foot crater in Fort Worth parking lot.

Mike Wehner October 31s

When severe thunderstorms roll through your neck of the woods one of the biggest concerns is always the risk of a tornado. A swirling vortex of high-speed wind and debris can cause incredible damage, but as residents of Fort Worth, Texas, were recently reminded, lightning can wreak havoc, too.

A ridiculously powerful bolt of lightning zapped the parking lot of a Chevron gas station early on Wednesday morning, blowing a 15-foot hole into the thick concrete and sending debris flying. As police quickly found out, the blast, which was caught on a nearby security camera, could have been much, much worse.

The strike caused a huge noise and sent debris at least 50 feet away from where it hit the ground near a Chevron gas station.


lightning Texas gas station 10-31-2019

lightning Texas gas station 10-31-2019

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