Europe’s Green Fall (Video)

Excellent video by GWPF  on the reality of the climate change agenda. 7.11.2019. 

Unfortunately, our predictions keep turning out to be accurate. Germany will ban oil and gas heating by 2025, while they can’t keep homes heated WITH oil and gas as of now. The only alternative is electric from coal, which they are banning too. Von der Leyen (who just happened to be at the Bilderberg this spring) and her handlers are no longer hiding their ongoing plan to simply end western civilisation.


winter deaths because of climate policies England

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  1. How all this misery can be based on the complete ‘PHALLUSY’ of, CO2 = Global Warming, is an absolute mystery.
    Are there no scientists with the integrity and the courage to tell the world that it is absolute rubbish, or are they all cowering in their laboratories?


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