Old Pigs (producers of German Television) make kids sing “ My Grandma is an old Eco- Pig.”!

WRD "My grandma is an old Eco-Pig" CO2 Fascism

WRD “My grandma is an old Eco-Pig” CO2 Fascism

Christmas, what better time to instrumentalize innocent school girls to hate their grandmas and wish them dead, the people who helped build the modern world and gave them their unprecedented quality of life. The public television channel WDR (paid by tax money) modified the popular children song “Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorrad” (My grandma rides the motorbike in the chicken coop”) to match the hateful anti-human CO2 Climate Change agenda. WDR TV producer Danny Hollek added:”Your Grandma is not an eco-pig, she is a NAZI- Pig”. Just a few days ago the climate student protest group  ‘Friday for Future” tweeted: “Why are our grandparents still try to tell us things? They’ll be dead soon anyways.”

In case you’re still unsure whether or not the CO2 Climate Change agenda is just an arm of a genocidal global socialist take-over, here a few lines from the altered song: 

“My Grandma drives to the doctor in her SUV. My grandma is an old Eco- Pig!”

“My grandma eats a chop cutlet every day. My grandma is an old Eco- Pig!”

“My grandma doesn’t fly anymore, SHE IS CONVERTED, but she takes a cruise 10 times a year.

At the end they threaten in a sinister Greta Voice in English: “We wont let you get away with this!!”

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  1. ”The German government TV has to be political neutral by law.”
    Teaching should also be politically neutral, with severe penalties for transgressors.


  2. Sau is actually the stronger insult in German then Schwein. You can translate it as “filthy pig” to get right meaning. Usually only used by the lower class when drunk. It’s absolutely not a word that should be used by the government TV stations and for sure not by children. The German government TV has to be political neutral by law. In any other country the responsible people for that would get fired. In Germany you can be sure the responsible people will later get an award for “bravely fighting against the right”.

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