Coronavirus: Italians realise Preppers aren’t that crazy; Empty Shelves after Lock-Down

In the face of the Corona virus; with several Italian communities under lock-down, many Italians  secretly wish they had previously stock-piled a few weeks-worth of emergency food rations. Germany‘s pharmacies ran out of masks. Food shortages and lock-downs in South Korea, Japan and several countries in the region.

supermercati en24.news

supermercati en24.news

EM24.news Coronavirus, supermarkets stormed in Milan and the hinterland: images of empty shelves:

“Empty meat and fruit and vegetable racks, long lines at the crates: in Milan but also in the hinterland there is an assault on supermarkets after the order of the Region, which orders the closure of schools and gathering places. At Esselunga di Porta Nuova there is people who also run with 2 or 3 trolleys and a mask. “I stock up, you never know, we are 4 at home” says a family man. “I would have come the same day but I will certainly do a more abundant shopping“ Echoes another customer.

“On Sunday there are always people but today there is much more than double”Comments a salesperson. Similar situation as of this morning also in other stores of the chain such as the big super in the Piazzale Lodi area, where already in the early afternoon – says a customer – the fresh food counters were starting to empty “. But the same also happens in Brianza: in a supermarket in Monza there are some elderly people who wander around with a mask and the shelves of pasta, meat and water are practically empty but also those dedicated to cleaning products. Many disinfected detergents are sold out in several outlets, as well as disposable latex gloves. The same also in Cusano Milanino and in other cities, all far from the so-called “red zone” of the infection that is located south of Milan, in the Lodi area.”

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