Zürich Police proves its hypocrisy, again

The Swiss police is still cracking down on any Anti- Lockdown Protests, even if they follow the rules of social distancing, they have not caused any disturbance to traffic. At the same time, an illegal Black Lives Matter rally that ended in a march across the City of Zurich of up to 2000 people was tolerated and protesters were escorted by police vehicles as the marchers were blocking traffic, including public transport. In contrast to the US, where 50 city centers are being destroyed by rioters and looters – the illegal “anti- racism protest” in Zurich was peaceful.  Similar “Anti- Racism” protests were allowed to take place all over Europe.

The compliance of the police proves that the harsh crackdown on anti-lockdown protests are not about preventing “infections with a virus” but about preventing freedom of speech that criticises government overreach.

In addition, after a week of mass riots in the US which almost exclusively ended in arson, looting and murder, it becomes clear: if in one week thousands of people do NOT get sick from Covid- 19 in Minneapolis, then the entire Corona- lockdown narrative was unfounded. Or globalist elites have found a magic cure for coronavirus – violent riots.


Zurich 6-1- 2020 Black Lives Matter

Zurich 6-1- 2020 Black Lives Matter

Anti-Lockdown Vigil Zurich 5-24-2020

Anti-Lockdown Vigil Zurich 5-24-2020



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