Rocks and construction rubble left against city protocol at meeting point of Black Lives Matter Rally in Zurich

Since the eruption of the Black Lives Matter protests in US, dozens of reports have come out of piles of bricks being deposited by unknown entities just before the start of a protest, in locations where there was no construction site. In many protests that quickly turned into riots, these bricks were used to smash windows and attack police and citizens. The same picture emerged in Germany last week. In Zurich, Switzerland a pile of rocks and construction rubble was left over the weekend at the meeting point of a Black Lives Matter Rally in Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. the picture was taken on Saturday 1 hour before the rally, which proceeded peacefully. Whereas street construction cites are nothing out of the ordinary, I was told by city officials that by protocol, piles of rubble or construction material must be removed or covered up properly outside of working hours.

Zürich 6-6- 2019 Pestalozzianlage

Zürich 6-6- 2019 Pestalozzianlage

Zürich 6-6-2019 Pestalozzianlage

Zürich 6-6-2019 Pestalozzianlage

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