ANTIFA admit to “igniting fires” all over the country to draw attention to ‘Climate Change’

In related news, Antifa Radical was Arrested For Arson In Washington State — Was Caught On Highway Live-Streaming On Facebook Before Arrest (Video)

Further, Antifa protesters set fires in Seattle:

Seattle Police: Protesters Setting Arson Fires (Antifa – Black Lives Matter Riots)

Gateway Pundit By Kristinn Taylor; Published July 25, 2020 at 6:31pm 

Seattle police are reporting that several arson fires have been set by protesters Saturday afternoon local time. A construction trailer at the site of a juvenile detention center was torched. There is also a report of businesses set on fire. (Update: Starbucks).


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  1. Scarsdale NY Antifa has been known to be a fake account for ages. Disappointed that you’d post unsubstantiated social media screenshots, even if the tone of it is likely true.


  2. You can see why much of the leftist political establishment smooozes with Hollywood. It appears they think they can produce any fiction with all it’s wizardry and pass it off as truth in drama, fueled by the repetition of propoganda media. I’m not buying.


  3. I believe now is the time for normal everyday citizens to rise up and take to the countrysides, cities, towns and keep eyes out for suspicious and nefarious folks, with gas cans in their trucks, young folks with bad attitudes, and especially any with chain saws, and other items used for sabotage
    Our situational awareness must be increased and our ability to react to such activities as the terrorists might be involved in
    Start armed, roving neighborhood watches. Be vigilant and very firm against any activities that might be considered a detriment to you, and your communities.
    Our police, sheriffs, and firemen are few and very far between, it is NOW time for all of the citizens to become the army that stops these activities. WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED UPON US. We MUST NOW REACT to the activities of this BLM, ANTIFA, COMMUNISTS, ETC ARE WAGING UPON US.
    I would say if you have armed ability, then ARM yourselves to defend yourselves, your neighbors, and communities. WAR is here, we MUST, start community patrols, to protect against these criminals, warriors who have declared war against us. OUR GOVERNMENT are not for us. OREGON is run by those who are against the people. Kate, is not on our side to protect us. if she was the NATIONAL GUARD would have been activated and placed into service to help the communities protect themselves.
    WE THE PEOPLE must now activate to protect our communities.

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  4. Well, the people that have been arrested for arson so far, are BLM, antifa shit stains. Not white supremacists or “outside” terrorists. Give me a break. Most antifa are from US school districts. Teachers, administrators, students. Not right wing anything!

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  5. I think it’s the truth that arson could be the reason for fire. Because the outbreak is at a large scale to blame climate change. But, it could be the right wing or outside terrorists. Not necessarily left wing.


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