Swiss federal government celebrates population reduction and the destruction of civilisation

Here is the content of the government light show in a nutshell: Noahs Ark with 4 human survivors, floods, Ice Age, the capital building crumbles, “one world”, statues of past civilisations are venerated, the 4 surviving children end up in a jungle and live from nothing.

Every evening for a month, this Art show is projected onto the capital building under the pretext of “Sustainable Development”, a UN agenda that has been dubbed global socialism. The artists emphasise the resemblance to Noah’s ark is “intentional. “

This in the middle of a global health crisis, where the same government is scaring the population that everyone is going to die if they don’t follow their draconian rules.

Rendez-vous Bundesplatz 2020 – Planet Hope

Many remember the eery and morbid opening ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel in 2016, it was described as satanic even in the international press. The Tunnel happens to be connected to Europe’s largest known military bunker system.

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