Police Commando raids German Lockdown- Critic during Livestream

A German doctor known for providing medical assistance to protesters during that country’s anti-lockdown protests was arrested while live-streaming on Wednesday.  Dr. Andreas Noack was rumored to be under investigation for not complying with German COVID-19 lockdown laws, but some speculate there could be more to it. The arrest came just one day after the German Parliament passed the “Infection Protection Law’ which is eerily similar in content and wording to the German “Ermächtigungsgesetz” of 1933.

Update: Full Livestream: Since it was a live-chat run by esoteric enthusiasts, the remaining contributors spent the rest of the chat with esoteric B.S. Co-host Robin claimed that “what happened to Andreas was spiritually and mentally to his best. ” He manifested his own fear, this will never happen to me because I don’t live in fear.” They basically blamed the host and refused to discuss how to help him with legal council. Others said we are protected nothing can happen to us because we are not our body, such scenes are a manifestation of our own spiritual being..” One participant said Andreas failed because he told the police his full legal name. (sovereign citizen wisdoms) .

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