Prepare for the left starting Civil Unrest/ Civil War after Trump’s Win (Dec 14th or Jan 6th /20th)

According to a reliable source (me), Trump’s chance to start his second term are estimated at 85%. 

The decisive trigger could happen on Jan 6th, in the case of a ‘contingent election’ after a disputed Electoral College vote with a Republican Supreme Court. Meanwhile, everybody is focused on the 270 majority, but Trump does not have to re-flip the contested states or reach electoral vote majority, in order to win. 

In the very probable case of Trump winning the presidency, 10 % of the population (far left-wing, Antifa, BLM and sympathisers) will riot and burn down every democrat city center and attack civilians, including moderate democrats, fired up and encouraged by democrat leaders and the media. The riots are likely to expand to Western Europe. 

In the unlikely case of a Biden win, a few percent of republicans may attack government facilities, possibly with national guards deployed. 

As is predicted by experts (myself) the common left wing voter will be extremely surprised and see confirmation that Trump stole the election, the far-left will loose all their marbles, after all media, even Fox news, declared Biden the winner in election night. By the way, no one is President Elect until either his opponent concedes or until the Electoral College says so on Dec 14th. Of course poor senile Biden can’t know that.

As always, stay away from unhinged people, and have food and water at hand. 

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