Good news (so far): Covid-19 is now 5.7 times less deadly than in Spring 2020

Good News: The Covid- 19 fear-mongering exposed in one picture: At the beginning of December 2020, the number of people designated as “Covid cases” (this means they have a positive test) is 7.1 times higher than it was in April, meanwhile the number of deaths (patients with a positive test) is only slightly higher (20%) and declining. Covid deaths means deaths from or with Covid-19. Data from EU European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

That is not including the inaccuracies of the fraudulent testing and diagnosis methods (as documented on this site).

As by now, almost anyone who dies, dies from Covid- 19, the propaganda managers of WHO, politics and media seem to catch on to this logical fallacy in their fear-mongering campaigns, and may reduce the testing frequency or adjust the PCR test sensibilities to obtain less “positive cases” relative to deaths in the coming months.

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