UN Says The US Is The Most Successful Major Country in Carbon Emissions Reduction

An update on Western self-chastising in the 2020s as explained in detail in Solar Behavior (2020 p.198): Only Western countries are reducing their emissions, yet only western countries are blamed by Western globalist elites and activists for emitting CO2 at all. When was the last time you heard activists, the UN or Al Gore say: ” We really have to make sure that rich, Non-western states follow us in reducing CO2.”? Saudi-Arabia and several Gulf states are much wealthier in GDP per capita, and produce much more CO2.

Climate Change Sanity January 8, 2021 UN Says The US Is The Most Successful Major Country in Carbon Emissions Reduction

The UN released its global emissions and carbon report last month.  The U.S. is the most successful major country at mitigating its own carbon dioxide (CO2).  So successful according to a Forbes posting written by Ellen Wald titled “The U.N. Says America Is Already Cutting So Much Carbon It Doesn’t Need the Paris Climate Accord”. 

According to the report,

“The United States of America emits 13 per cent of global GHG emissions.” Comparatively, “China emits more than one-quarter of global GHG emissions.” The U.S. still contributes the most greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world, but, over the last decade, the country’s GHG emissions have been in decline (0.4 per cent per year). “Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the U.S. are dropping precipitously while those of China, India and Russia continue to rise. With the world’s most successful economy (over $21 trillion in 2019), it is not a surprise that the U.S. pollutes more per person, but the U.S. is making great strides in changing this.” 

The following chart is from the UN report showing total and per capita emissions:

greenhouse gas emission un report dec 2020

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