British Snobs go to extreme Pandering to beg Ethnic Minorities to take the barely tested, Gen-tech Vaccine

50 lies in 3 minutes. Way to go, globalist establishment: To imply that all black and brown people are paranoid, superstitious conspiracy theorists

Why is the European elite suddenly so concerned about the wellbeing of ethnic minorities? Again, members of the BAME (Black Asian Middle Eastern) communities indeed seam to have better survival instincts than the white Europeans who are now so far gone in their ethnic self- destruction attempt, that many are now just about ready to euthanise themselves in order to prevent the spread of a virus. I reported recently that Migrants and Ethnic minorities in the West are 3 to 7 times more likely to die while treated for Covid.

“There is no chip and no tracker in it” – when Bill Gates himself funded and promoted an Invisible Quantum Dot ‘Tattoo’ that “could Be Used to electronically ID Vaccinated Kids.”

“The vaccine does not change your DNA” — it’s in the Name: m (messenger) -RNA vaccine.

“We will be reunited with our friends and family – all we have to do is take the vaccine.” – When all the ‘experts’, Fauci and UN keep saying masks and lockdowns will last even after the vaccine and then indefinitely, as we are still in the “two weeks to flatten the curve” for over a year now.

“Some of the Vaccine scientists were Muslin…” and so on.

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