Swiss Government wants new unconstitutional Covid Law in place for another 10 YEARS.

On June13th, 2021, the Swiss population can vote on the new Covid Law, which would suspend and restrict most constitutional liberties until the end of 2031. The organisation ‘Freunde der Verfassung’ (Friends of the Constitution) launched the referendum, so the Swiss population has the chance to vote against the Covid Law.

Swiss Federal Politicians claim that ‘almost all’ of the articles in the Covid Law will only apply for another 6 months after implementation. But they obfuscate the fact that the foundations of the Law will remain in place until 2031, which will allow parliament to decide on new unconstitutional regulations and restrictions indefinitely, without any democratic vote, which is the basis of the Swiss direct democracy. And how are politicians in the position to know that the pandemic will last for another ten years?

From the website Freunde der Verfassung: 

Freedom is the essential prerequisite for human happiness.

But freedom and democracy are in danger. They are threatened by ever closer links between the state and corporations. This is how the Corona crisis was made possible and this is how the dangerous PMT law came into being. The state and corporations distrust the citizens, see the population as a danger and want more and more control.

We live in extraordinary times and have great challenges to master. Switzerland needs friends. We are the Friends of the Constitution (Freunde der Verfassung). 

Media conference against new Covid Act and PMT Terrorism Act. Published on April 16, 2021.

The Covid Act and the Terror Act are an attack on our fundamental rights. The Friends of the Constitution collected over 140,000 signatures against the abolition of the rule of law in Switzerland. That is why the voters will decide on June 13th. The campaign is on.

“Our aim is to strengthen and defend the constitution”, Co-President Marion Russek opened the media conference at the start of the campaign. “The Federal Council wants to sell us its policy as if there is no alternative. But there are much better solutions, which the Friends of the Constitution not only point out, but actively promote. In order for these solutions to be available in due time, the Friends of the Constitution have contacted the President of the National Council, Thomas Aebi Nationalratspräsidenten Thomas Aebi 

You can find our letter to the highest Swiss politician at the end of this article.

“The Covid law is in force until the end of 2031,” Michael Bubendorf dispels an often claimed falsehood. “So it will be used for the next ten years to further restrict our fundamental rights, as the politicians have done in the previous sessions.”

Nicolas A. Rimoldi from the youth movement MASS-VOLL!   presents the violations of fundamental rights, which became the new normal in the wake of the pandemic. “It’s a shame to have to stand here today. After a year of Corona, everything our ancestors built is in the intensive care unit. This is due to the compulsory measures taken by the Federal Council. “

End the Corona madness – No to the Covid law!  Nicolas A. Rimoldi

“Do we want to support the great suffering caused by the Corona measures?” asks Josef Ender from the Action Alliance of the Founding Cantons. “The best help is to stop the harmful measures immediately.” Ender calls for the undisputed compensations to be passed into a separate law, as is already supported by over 20 parliamentarians.

The Suffering caused by the Corona measures – Covid law No! Josef Ender

The Law on Police measures (PMT) must also be opposed. Because Ms. Keller-Sutter and Parliament have drafted the PMT Law so badly that they inadvertently put the entire population under general suspicion. Anyone who spreads “fear and terror” with the aim of changing the political order is a terrorist according to the PMT Law. This criminalizes any political participation.

Switzerland is facing a critical choice of direction. We must not sacrifice our fundamental rights on the altar of deceptive security. Say NO to the Covid Law and the PMT Law. Because fundamental rights and the rule of law are non-negotiable in Switzerland.

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  2. Sacha, you translated Stefan Lanka’s material, but you still don’t fight the right fight!


    Only when the stupid humans get this will they resist the New Order!

    You waste your time unless you do spread the information.


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