The face of the feminist narcissist entitlement generation

Granted, the self- absorbed idiot woman who caused the pile up and injured dozens of pro cyclists at the Tour the France did not hold a sign spouting woke socialist propaganda. But to the apparent contrary, “go grandpa and grandma” seems almost cute and old-fashioned. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that she caused the havoc not because she was a too enthusiastic fan of any cyclist, but by holding the sign that has nothing to do with cycling into the cameras, not even to be seen by the athletes (and obviously, her grandma wasn’t racing). Traditionally, the morons who ruin bike races are all men, but they usually stand in the way to take pictures of the athletes or cheer them on or have some other illusion that their presence would matter to any one.

It is emblematic of these “selective times” that the first woman to ruin a high price race etappe, is a smug, self-indulgent, narcissistic wont-to-be Instagram queen.

And she is not even a Darwin award nominee like the heroes standing at the side of car rallies to then be taken out. There is some room for improvement in feminist empowerment there.

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