Even in Switzerland, the “Federal Government fears Infrastructure Collapse.”

Blackout In Biel Switzerland, Jan 2021 Image: BZ

Not even in Switzerland, the country with the “favourite cities of the super wealthy” (Zurich ranked 1 and Geneva ranked 8 in 2021) the elites are managing to keep the orderly facade.

While more and more people get vaccinated, coincidently more and more people are testing positive for “Omicron” variant or fall ill. The global supply chain disruptions that have announced themselves for many years, are now attributed solely to the Covid pandemic.

Original title: Bund befürchtet wegen Omikron Infrastruktur-Kollaps;; Publiced 25.12.2021: translation Abrupt Earth Changes

Police, water, mail:

Swiss Federal government fears infrastructure collapse due to Omicron

If Omikron should spreads suddenly, there could be bottlenecks in the critical infrastructure in Switzerland. corporations are preparing.

Electricity, water, bus and rail transport: if the Omikron wave hits Switzerland with full force, there could be massive bottlenecks or even complete failures in the daily supply in this country.

The responsible Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP/ (BABS)) said to 20 Minuten,that they shared the assessment of the German expert council, “that a violent Omikron wave could pose a threat to this infrastructure. Logistics and public transport could also be affected. “

Emergency scenarios in preparation

If many people fall ill with Corona at the same time because of Omikron or are sent to quarantine, the critical infrastructure may no longer be secured, the FOCP also said. The authorities therefore recommended that the operators prepare accordingly.

The operators are now in the process of preparing appropriate emergency scenarios, writes “20 Minuten”. At Fire and Rescue  Zürich, for example, they “continuously work out emergency scenarios and processes to ensure operations at all times,” says spokesman Urs Eberle.

Drinking water plant in home office

Measures have also been taken with the water supply. According to Riccarda Engi from the Zurich waterworks, control is now also possible from the home office. In the event of staff shortages, certain work might have to be prioritized and less urgent work carried out later.

The Swiss Postal Services are working closely with the Federal Health Ministry, they work from home wherever possible in order to minimize the chance of cases of sick leave. However, should staff failures increase, the Postal Service could activate on the civil defence (Swiss Peace Core). However, this is only intended as “the absolute last worst-case scenario”, they say.

The Swiss Federal Railway and the police are also preparing for failures, working on concepts and preparing for various scenarios. However, you are never entirely on the safe side. “Although we are preparing for various scenarios, these are hypothetical because the further course of the pandemic is still uncertain,” said a spokesman for the Bern Canton police. (zis)

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