Since 2021, Vaccinated Soccer players collapse, Tennis players pass out, now Swimmers almost drown (twice)

Adverse reaction report:: Vaccinated Olympic Swimmer Anita Alvarez Faints Underwater, Nearly Drowns

In this video clip, Anita Alvarez says she is grateful to have received the vaccine — twice.

She later fainted in the pool during her solo free final routine in Budapest. Fortunately, the 28-year-old swimmer was rescued by her coach, Andrea Fuentes.

US artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez’s coach Andrea Fuentes rushes to rescue her at the World Championship in Budapest.

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  1. ( __ ) my very good childhood friend & artist 42 years old died early this year days shortly afer his booster. “Artist (for life) Steve Schepens (°1979) passed away unexpectedly on the night of 29. to 30. January 2022 after a cardiac arrest.” hundreds attented his funeral. no one made any reference what so ever to the vaccine- it felt i could almost bite in the state of delusion / i really felt it would be very offensive to all if i would even have whispered it. art world is full on the agenda. total delusion / disconnect from reality. same same for the massive food shortages and economic collapse coming up. looks like the upcoming several years will continue to be wild- love your post sascha!

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