Main Stream Media embrace wild conspiracy theories. ‘Wag the Dog’ in Syria.

Wag the dog MSNBCAs President Trump appears to show his true colors by lounging air strikes on a Syrian military base, wild conspiracy theories are being circulated in the Main Stream Media, based on the (as of yet) unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that Russia had ‘somehow’ meddled with the US election.  MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnel theorized that Putin ordered Assad to lounged a ‘small’ chemical attack to provoke an American military response which then in turn should distract the media from the alleged Russian influencing with the US election.

MSNBG went as far as to pick up on the term ‘Wag the Dog’, the title of a Hollywood film, which is often used by alternative media sources to illustrate how media events are sometimes staged and even stories of wars are sometimes not just misrepresented or exaggerated but outright made up out of thin air for propaganda purposes. I used the term ‘Wag the Dog’ in a video I made 3 years ago about the “Syrian Hero Boy” a story which turned out to be complete fake news, based on an actual movie stage production by a Norwegian director, shot on a Gladiator film set, simple propaganda.

Wag the Dog Syrian Boy

Is MSNBC watching my videos, I wonder?


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