The changing electric sky: “Steve” is out again

Images from  The phenomena newly named Steve was seen for the first time in April 2017 and now for the second time on May 20th. This time it clearely showed coiling filaments in the pattern of Birkeland currents. In April, Roger Haagmans of the ESA had said:(…) “It turns out that Steve is actually remarkably common, but we hadn’t noticed it before. ” So how did they know it’s common?  Or did they mean it’s going to be common?

Steve Animation


Leaen more about Birkeland Currents

What are Birkeland currents? How are Birkeland currents formed? What do Birkeland filaments have to do with space plasma? Why does astronomy and science refer to these twisting spiralling charged plasma phenomena as magnetic ropes, Flux Transfer Events (FTE’s), space tornadoes? Are the confirmed Birkeland plasma currents in our solar system, connecting the planets to the sun, evidence of an Electric Universe? You can read more about the discoverer of them, Kristian Birkeland.Birkeland filaments, plasma z-pinches (zeta pinch) and plasma double layers also seem to be a common plasma partnership in space.


Another “Steve”

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