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Solar eclipse on SDO satellite 5. 25. 2017

This nearly total eclipse is a very rare event. The last SDO solar (partial) eclipse was only in 04.30. 2014.  That repetition has a very low probability for a tiny little satellite. Total solar eclipses aren’t rare; they occur roughly once … Continue reading

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The changing electric sky: “Steve” is out again

Images from  The phenomena newly named Steve was seen for the first time in April 2017 and now for the second time on May 20th. This time it clearely showed coiling filaments in the pattern of Birkeland currents. In April, Roger Haagmans … Continue reading

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Ja, Venus strahlt heller als früher (nach offiziellen Quellen)

Falls Sie das helle Objekt am süd-westlichen Abendhimmel bemerkt haben und sich fragten, ob es möglich sei, dass der Planet Venus in letzter Zeit heller scheint als in früheren Jahren an der gleichen Position, dann ist hier eine gute Nachricht: … Continue reading

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Yes, Venus does shine brighter than ever (according to official sources)

If you have noticed the bright object in the south- western evening sky, and have wondered whether it is possible that the planet Venus could shine much brighter than it has in the past in the same position, here is … Continue reading

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What does the spike in the Schumann resonance mean?

By Dr. Joe Dispenza dr. joe dispenza blog In 1952, German physicist and professor W.O. Schumann hypothesized there were measurable electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere that existed in the cavity (or space) between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. According … Continue reading

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The Curvature of the Earth

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Is the Earth flat? Here is a simple experiment which can be easily replicated, using a telescope and a digital camera held to the eye piece. Lake Zurich, Switzerland, view from the down of Horgen to Zurich, Casio Lake Side, … Continue reading

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Solar activity has a direct impact on Earth’s cloud cover

Date: August 25, 2016 Source: Technical University of Denmark Summary:Solar variations affect the abundance of clouds in our atmosphere, a new study suggests. Large eruptions on the surface of the Sun can temporarily shield Earth from so-called cosmic rays which … Continue reading

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Kp-index October 24th -29th 2016

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