Red lights in the skies November 2017 and some historical comparisons

November 2017 Siracus NY USA

November 2017 Siracus NY USA

Red and purple glows that lasted from seconds to minutes were seen in several locations in New York and Utah within the last several days. Their appearance mostly indicates they were aurorae. But in an unusual way, the red lights illuminated the night skies in only one hue and only for a short time. At the same time, Aurorae were seen at locations in typical aurora latitudes, yet the Kp- index was at Kp 1-2, which is extraordinarily low for any aurora displays. Here are a few historical accounts of similar appearances in the skies and coinciding Earth changes and social events:

Excerpt from my E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14 the Century, page 21:

For the year 1347 – the year before the first outbreak of the epidemic in Europe – the chronicler Thomas Short notes : a “column of fire” over the Pope’s palace at Avignon, France.69
C. Morris referred to this as a “gigantic pillar of flame was seen by hundreds descending upon the roof of the pope’s palace at Avignon.” And “Fiery meteors appeared in the skies.” What exactly could be meant by a column of fire? Sprites, aurorae, a meteor trail? The next best comparison by description that comes to my mind from modern day observations might be the never before seen streak of light named Steve that was seen reaching into the sky in an aurora display on April 21st 2017 during a solar storm as reported by ESA. 70 Roger Haagmans of the ESA said: “(…) It turns out that Steve is actually remarkably common, but we hadn’t noticed it before.” Which raises the question: How did they know it’s common?

 page 87:  9.2.2 Aurorae

The above mentioned contemporary atmospheric events are relatively frequent and without extreme consequences on human behavior, given Earth and its environment is in its currently relatively quiet state. For extreme and widespread effects on the human psyche, the contributing factors would have to be multiplied accordingly.

Although the exact mechanisms of affecting humans are not known, it is obvious they involve electrical interactions, between Earth, its environment and the human organism, which itself is electric in nature. In extreme disturbances of the solar output and Earth’s magnetic field, solar wind speeds and density can increase, aurorae may be seen in low latitudes. Examples of aurorae being seen over battle fields abound, even in recent centuries. As for instance at the Battle of Fredericksburg, in Virginia in 1862, during the US Civil War, when the northern lights appeared. Northern lights at such low latitudes are extremely rare, if that is what the soldiers really saw. Many soldiers noted it in their diaries. I’m not suggesting the battle or even the war was planned in anticipation of this natural phenomena or even that the conflict

was triggered by the energetic fluctuations in the Earth’s environment. I’m just pointing out the many coincidences of war, collective madness and such heavenly anomalies.

The aurora of January 25th 1938, an extremely rare appearance, sparked fears in Zurich, Switzerland, of invasion by Germany. The great aurora was seen over the whole of Europe and as far south as Sicily, Portugal and across the Atlantic to Bermuda and Southern California, in the southern hemisphere it reached well into Southern Australia.258 Different interpretations were circulated, some took it for a bad omen, while others were afraid the red glow over the horizon was from fires of actual warfare or burning cities in Germany. According to the late Father Malachi Martin, Hitler’s architect Albert Speer recounts in his ‘second book?’, how Hitler saw the intense red hue over the night sky in the east on January 25th 1938 from his mountain retreat near Berchtersgarden. He took it as a sign, exclaiming “now it’s time to shed blood”. Father Martin claims Hitler interpreted the natural display as the fulfilment of the Second Secret of Fatima. 259 The next year, in 1939, Hitler invaded Poland.

Another event involving aurorae that affected humans in a very direct, tangible sense, was the so-called Carrington solar storm of 1859. Extreme aurora Borealis and Australis were sighted before and during the Carrington event in August, 1859, when a solar flare disrupted the telegraph system globally, primarily in the Americas. Telegraph paper caught fire, lines melted down, some telegraph stations burn down, people were injured by electrocution. Since the global trade and infrastructure did not depend on the electricity grid and telecommunication, as it does today, the disruption did not create any major global chaos. Were the same solar eruption to occur today, it would cripple our modern day power grid and disrupt civilization as we know it. It would be the infamous “kill shot” or Coronal Mass ejection (CME), which former FEMA director Janet Napolitano named in 2011 among cyber attacks and Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP, artificial or of cosmic origin) as the greatest threats to the power grid and national security.

Roy Barzilai, also pointed out the following interesting connection between geomagnetic storms, social mood, and human events: Darwin’s Origin of Species was published in November 1859, after Darwin had postponed the publication for some years. (p. 151) The hypothesis of gradual evolution as a product of chance by random mutations and natural selection without purpose other than survival, has dominated academic thinking ever since. The Gradualist component of evolution has turned out to be erroneous, but it is still handled as a working hypothesis which is regarded as truth, and so, to put it drastically, it could be said that shortly after the Carrington Solar Storm, it was voted on that human life has no meaning!

More extreme relationships between human affairs and aurorae (including geo-electric disturbances) are found in Australia. In legends of indigenous peoples, aurorae are said to have a causal connection to human fate, here a legend from Lake Victoria Australia:
‘Upon the Aurora’s appearance, the Kurnai, of the Gippsland region, would be shouting such words as ‘Send it away;; do not let it burn us up.’ Far from being overly imaginative fantasies arising from the red hue of the Aurora Australis, such visceral reactions rooted in traumatic memories of a time when the aurora “filled the whole space between the earth and the sky”, precipitating floods, collective madness and the final departure of the creator from the Earth.’260

Even today, many aborigine tribes are terrified when aurorae appear over Australia. As you may have guessed, anthropologists have a simple explanation for this: they conclude that aurorae australis are often red in color, thus the illiterate native people think “blood” and therefore death. But in fact the southern lights have the same color spectrum as their northern counterparts and native peoples are not ignorant at all, rather they carry on vivid ancestral memories of important events. By the way, red colored aurorae are at the lower end of the energy spectrum, whereas blue, white or purple displays are indicators of much more powerful high energy particles and therefore more liable to be seen at times of changes in the atmosphere, in weather and in human health. In recent times, in 2017, more high energy aurora in the blue and white spectrum are seen, as well as a new phenomena called Steve, which was seen for the second time in may only a month after its first appearance.261 No direct significant consequences for human health were reported so far.

255 NOAA.GOV Space Whether Prediction Center 256 Barzilai, Roy;; 2015: The Testosterone Hypothesis. Dibrah Publishing p. P. 149
257 Ibid. P.150

strange lights over Utah USA 11-22-2017

strange lights over Utah USA 11-22-2017

The “Pillar of Fire”that was seen in the 1340’s may simply have been a red rainbow, as I saw in Switzerland 2017.


Red Rainbow Switzerland

Red Rainbow Switzerland

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  1. The International Dark-Sky Association works to designate areas that have high quality night skies. These areas are supported by communities and organizations that are dedicated to reducing light pollution (e.g. Dark-sky preserve ). The National Park Service Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division has measured night sky quality in national park units across the U.S. Sky quality in the U.S. ranges from pristine ( Capitol Reef National Park and Big Bend National Park ) to severely degraded ( Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and Biscayne National Park ).


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