AGAIN. “Sun” rays from the East at sunset.

5 weeks ago to the day, I saw these rays the first time, radiating from the East at sunset. no one has come up with an possible explanation or a comparable incident.

Again, on Sept 18th about 19,50h at lake Zurich looking towards East at dusk just after sunset. Unfortunately, I lost the footage with the panorama view. In both incidents, the rays appeared for about 15 minutes.

Update 6.2018

The rays were apparently Anticrepuscular rays, or antisolar rays; to my knowledge the phenomena was never recorded in Switzerland, now twice in the same location within 5 weeks .

previous incident:


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  1. I’ve seen several photographs on more than a couple YouTube channels in the past few months. Exactly the same thing or even more emphatic, observers claiming the the “sunset” in the east was more impressive than the concurrent sunset in the west. Everyone of course looking for explanations and finding none. Too lazy at the moment to look for them again, but there ARE several.


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