G20 Hamburg: After Leftwing extremists injured 470 cops: did government sponsored training of protesters help anyone?

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On June 16. 2017, the Bz Berliner Zeitung reported that a government youth center in the city of Potsdam held a training for protesters of the upcoming  G20 in Hamburg. It is not known whether participants of this training were engaged with the thousands of leftwing extremists who did indeed ransack the city during the July 2017 summit.

In June, the Brandenburg Police had uttered their dismay over the fact that in the youth center „Freiland“, leftist G20 protesters were trained for confrontations with the police. The „Socialist Youth of Germany“ also know as the „Falken“ (Falcon) gave out an invitation for the protest training. The youth center is financed with 190,000 Euro tax money from the City of Potsdam. The city had provided the staging location for the training, free of charge.

The spokesman of the Group „Falken“ Steffen Woke (27): „We explain to protesters how to react if it comes to confrontations (with the police)“ Walk away? „No, go toward the area and document if it should come to illegitimate police actions.““don’t breath in tear gas, make video recordings.“ included in the training was also how to make „ symbolic resistance with sitting blockades“. But Andreas Schulster (58), chief of the Police Union GdP was outraged „ a scandal, to finance with taxpayer money, how to circumvent police actions. It’s an undermining of Freedom of Assembly. „

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