Hurricane Irma aftermath: Sinkholes swallow homes

In advance of Hurricane Irma, I hinted to the increased risk of sinkhole incidents in Florida. Fortunately, only a few appeared immediately during the Hurricane, mostly due to washout by surface streams of flood water. As the water tables – including aquifers – are adjusting, more sinkholes have opened up. according to Mary Greeley, 8 cases of sinkhole partly or fully swallowing homes have been reported. Be safe and keep an eye on ground movement.

Mary Greeley 

APOPKA, Fla. – A family was evacuated from their Apopka home Tuesday morning after a 25-foot-wide sinkhole opened up, swallowing half of the house, Orange County Fire Rescue officials said.

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Sinkhole Florid Hurricane Irma Aftermath


Sinkhole Florida Hurricane Irma aftermath

Sinkhole Florida Hurricane Irma aftermath

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  1. Hi, I am a christian. I was show visions in 2010 and went to christian chats and have been learning about God and Jesus. Sink holes seem to be the results of large asteroid impacts on the earth and scientists will verify this for you because they know that around the perimeters o larger asteroid impacts these hole exist. If it is true, that large asteroids create sink holes then each subsequent sinkhole will be on an arc or in a circle pattern following the first sinkhole that appears in the earth, so this theory is provable by the sink holes themselves and their relation to one another. Similar size sink holes will appear in circle formations, and for this to be true, the true center of a sink hole will align in an arc and in a circle formation with any second sinkhole created by any one large asteroid impact on the earth and a map of the whole area of holes created by one large asteroid impact may be plotted for safety concerns. Thank you. Jesus is the Lord of all amen.


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