Google auto complete: “Germans should… integrate, learn arabic”

Deutsche sollen.png

An expression of the ongoing first attempted auto-genocide in modern history?

When you type “Deutsche sollen” (Germans should /ought to) into Google search in a German-speaking country, Google auto complete fills in the following list of suggestions.

Germans should integrate (themselves)

Germans should learn arabic

Germans should go extinct

Germans should leave Germany

Germans should adapt

Germans should be the ones to integrate, not the refugees

Germans should learn Turkish

Germans should have more children politicians

Germans should adopt Islam

Germans should house refugees

In a cynical way, this illustrates the progression of a case of auto-genocide, the first of its kind in modern history.

In general, search engine auto complete results are biased by what Google and connected “opinion shapers” want people to believe are the most searched terms. In this case however, given the current nihilistic, self-destructive state of the Western European population, it is highly possible that this actually represents what Germans search for the most.

Google in English-speaking countries recently caused a controversy, when it became widely known that if one entered “how to have” into Googles Youtube search engine, auto complete suggested “how to have s*x with your kids”. Google called it a mistake and corrected the error, at the same time, You Tube refuses to delete videos of naked children with comments by self-declared pedophiles that had been flagged by thousands of viewers.




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