German Professor for Crime prevention at Green party speech: „There is no (citizen’s) Right to Security.“

Grüne Professorin: Kein Grundrecht auf Sicherheit.

Grüne Professorin: “Kein Grundrecht auf Sicherheit.”


Professor for Crime prevention at Green party speech claims: „There is no (citizen’s) Right to Security.“ and avocates for „a limited communication about crime.“

It was only two days ago, when Professor for Communication and Risk management at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Rita Haverkamp, said at a Presentation hosted by the Green Party’s Stephan Seemann,  at an „expert presentation“ by the title of „criminality: fear and Reality :“

„There is not Right to Security. She further pledges for a „a limited communication about crime“ and ads „ the one who knows less, worries less.“ She did not elaborate how this is different from a call for censorship and self- censorship.

This is very close to George Orwell’s „Ignorance is Strength.“

In 2016 Minister of Justice Heiko Mass made similar statements: „ There is no Right to Intenrnal Security.“

Needless to say, the event was not aimed at addressing a general fear of criminality, but the exponential increase in violent crime in the last two years in coincidence with the migration crisis, thus a very rational fear. I have reported on criminal statistics on this site. Germany increased the population with about 2 millions of migrants in 2 years, other than the demography, nothing has changed in the country.

In the same time frame, murder and rape have both more than doubled, an increase that is unprecedented in modern history during peace times, whereas,  the number of knife attacks has tripled. According to the federal bureau of criminality, asylum seekers are on average 15 times more prevalent in violent crimes compared to citizens. Criminal prosecutors complain they are overwhelmed with cases and have to postpone murder trials for 3 years.

Rita Haverkamp also lamented that the voters of the AfD party (the lately successful moderate right wind party) were mostly „imagining a decrease in security“. Fears of criminality are often the product of „projections“.

On the same day, a 23-young student from  Cameroon attacked an 73-year-old woman without warning, kicking here in the head until he was stopped be citizens. The victim sustained life- threatening injuries.


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