Swiss ski resort Zermatt cut off by snow for the second time in two weeks.

Zermatt cut off by now by snow Road 2018

Zermatt cut off by snow. Road 2018 Photo Epoch times

For the second time in two weeks, the Ski resort Zermatt in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland is isolated from the rests of the world due to extreme snowfall and avalanche risk. Already shortly after New-year, 10,000 tourists were stranded for a week as roads and railways were blocked by snow.

Railway traffic was suspended because of avalanche risk, the spokesman of the Matterhorn Gotthard railways said on Sunday. As all roads are also unpassable, the upscale resort down can only be reached by helicopter, but the weather allows only a few flights per day.

The roads will remain closed until further notice. „ more snowfall is expected.“

At the moment 9,000 tourists are trapped. Only 5% of the sky slopes are open for sking.

Snow depths are currently at 2 meters, which is far below record levels, in the mountains around Zermatt, it’s up to 3 meters.

in 1999 some regions of the Swiss Alps messured up to 6 meters of snow.

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