In case you missed it: Yes, a meteor did cause an earthquake in metro Detroit.

Many instances for earthquakes triggered by meteor explosions or surface impacts are known from historical records and recent eye-witness testimonies. The causality of last week’s incident in Michigan was confirmed by USGS. Mick Baillie had suggested that many of the earthquakes witnessed during the Black Death were caused by meteors. (See below)

Meteor Donnerstein Fall of Ensisheim, 1492

The Donnerstein (thunderstone) of Ensisheim, Germany in 1492. (The date is November 7th, again near the peak of the Taurid meteor stream.)

As for the recent confirmed incident: A suspected meteor reverberated across the metro Detroit area at about 8:15 p.m. Jan. 16, 2018, sending social media into a frenzy,

A meteor heard and seen across the Detroit area caused a 2.0 magnitude earthquake, the United States Geological Survey reports online.

“Meteor seen and heard in Detroit area. Location is approximate. The experienced sound and shaking from this event was created in the atmosphere by the meteor and not the impact of the meteorite. The shaking detected by seismic and infrasound instruments originated in the atmosphere and not from the impact. Therefore the magnitude reported for this meteor cannot be directly used to compare its size to an earthquake because the source of the seismic signals are different.”

The earthquake occurred at about 8:10 p.m. Tuesday about 5 miles west-southwest of New Haven, according to the USGS.


Some more historical comparison from Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes 

Meteor swarm 1296

The volcanic eruptions also roughly coincide with the great meteor swarm impact in Velikii Usting (Russia) of 1296, as reported by the astronomer Krinow. But the stark increase in volcanic sulfur in the atmosphere (see 5.1.7) was preceding this event. At any rate, in the Velikii Usting event, eye-witnesses report that:

“there appeared over the town a dark cloud, and it was dark as the night (…) lighting kept flashing ceaselessly…Even the ground seemed to shake and sway continuously (…) clouds of fire arose and collided with one another, great heat coming from the lightening and thunder”.33


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