Massive sinkhole swallows eight-lane road in China, leaving at least eight dead

Sinkhole China 2-10-2018 image: dailymail

Sinkhole China 2-10-2018 image: dailymail


Another sinkhole consuming a roads similar to last week in Germany.

Dailymail  08:03 GMT, 8 February 2018


  • Major road in Foshan caved in yesterday after a water leak on an underground construction site
  • Huge sinkhole measured 30 metres (100 feet) wide and five to six metres (16 to 19 feet) deep
  • Nine people were rescued while three remain missing as authorities investigate the case

Eight people have died and three remain missing in southern China after a massive sinkhole yesterday swallowed a major road in the middle of a city.

The eight-lane road caved in after a water leak occurred on the construction site of a subway station in Foshan, a city of seven million people, authorities said Thursday.

Nine people were rescued from the sinkhole, which is said to be as big as two basketball courts. The condition of the survivors are reportedly stable.


The sinkhole is the size of two basketball courts and swallowed the two-way thoroughfare in the city's Changcheng district



The accident took place near the No.1 Ring Road Bridge on Jihua Xi Road above the construction site of Foshan’s Subway Line 2, according to China Central Television Station.

The report said the collapsed area was as large as two basketball courts with a depth of five to six metres (16 to 19 feet). The report also showed an aerial video of the affected site.

Pictures of the scene showed a huge swathe of mud and broken concrete in the middle of the two-way thoroughfare in the city’s Changcheng district.

The sudden leak flooded the underground site and caused a 30-metre-long (100-foot-long) stretch of the road to collapse at around 8:40pm local time, the city government said in a statement today on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

The statement said an initial leak was detected by the construction workers at around 7pm, but the workers failed to control the situation.

It was unclear whether the dead and missing were all construction workers.

Rescue works is underway for the three missing. The authorities are investigating the details of the accident.

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  1. I believe asteroid impacts created the round sinkhole holes all around the world and now that the earth is being shaken until the end of this age the sinkholes can open. Jeremiah it says, the earth shall sink and not rise. Isa_24:20  The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.
    Looking at the sinkhole and imaging this to be true, the asteroid will need to have been very large. They know there is some asteroid impacts 50km 80km or miles wide, I am not sure. But lets face it, because man is unwilling to look to the truth he both does not look for dangers and he will not be guided by truth unless he knows he sees something he can say he know is true.


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