Eiffel Tower closed due to Snow or Terror threat? A little bit of both?

Unprecedented snow falls are paralleling many cities, primarily in the northern hemisphere. All-time record snow in Moscow, in Erie, extremely rare snow in Morocco, the Algerian desert, snow and cold records in Japan, Taiwan and so on. A possible foretaste of the next Grand Solar Minimum?

Eiffel Tower closed as biggest snowfall since 1987 paralyzes Paris, causing a record 700km (430 miles) of traffic jams. “The situation is complicated, it’s even quite exceptional. Authorities asked drivers not to use their cars on February 7, 2018.”

But as the picture below reveal, the center of Paris received only 3- 5 inches of wet snow. After weeks of heavy rainfall. On the same day Paris authorities close the Eiffel tower due to snow, ISIS released the latest threat to invade Paris ‘in the near future’ in a new video showing an attack on the Eiffel Tower.

ISIS Paris 2018

ISIS threatens Paris 2-8-2018


Paris is described as the ‘capital of degeneracy’ by jihadists in chilling new video

-ISIS fanatics warn of a siege and a surprise raid launched from ‘ground tunnels’

-Film shows an attack at the Eiffel Tower and the landmark falling to the ground


Only 2 weeks ago, the New York Times reported that the terror cell behind the “Barcelona attack may have had sights on the Eiffel Tower”.



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