German-Israeli historian: „Violence against Jews is coming exclusively from Muslims“

Michael Wolffsohn Image. NZZ

Michael Wolffsohn Image. NZZBERLIN. Michael Wolffsohn: The German- Israeli historian warns of increasing anti-Semitism by Muslims in Europe.

Original article in German: Junge Freiheit . Translation: Abrupt Earth Changes

Berlin. Historian Michael Wolffsohn is concerned about increasing anti-Semitism in Europe by Muslims. „We have an ever increasing Muslim minority, which is being radicalized“, Woffsohn told the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung.

Wolffsohn said he is not yet seeing the danger of Islamists taking over power in Europe.

But he observes with worries, that law enforcement agencies in France and Germany are not adapted to the threat of Islamism.

It is also a problem that the root cause of the growing Antisemitism is not clearly addressed. „When I ask around in my Jewish circles of acquaintances, they all say the same: Violence against Jews is coming exclusively from Muslims. „In official crime statistics, antisemitic crimes are generally classified as politically motivated „right-wing criminality“.

„Violent Antisemitism today does not come from the right.“

„Many incidents end up in a separate category for politically motivated crimes under ‚Israel- Palestine- Conflict’. This can be seen as obfuscation, because it leads to a completely distorted perseption, Wolffsohn said.

Surely, there were also right-wind anti-Semites, as for instance the former Chief of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, but he had never called for violence against Jews. „The same is true in Germany for AfD and Pegida. The violent Antisemitism today does not come from the right.“

The threat for Jews in Germany today does not come from families, in which the parents vote for the AfD, a party which Wolffsohn sternly opposes. „They come from Muslim families“, he emphasizes. He knows many Jews, who are contemplating to emmigrate.

„They are much younger than I and say they are moving to Israel for their children’s sake. Others reveal they no longer send their children to public schools and kindergartens. Out of fear of beatings and mobbing“. What is happening to Jews today, could at some point happen to the majority of the people, the historian warns.

But this majority has, unlike the Jews, no second home like Israel, as Michel Houellebecqs describes in his novel „Submission“.

Comment AEC: Even though almost none of the perpetrators are Germans, to  classify anti-Semitic crimes perpetrated by Muslims in Germany as „right-wing criminality“ is not far fetched, because most radicalized Muslims hold Nationalist and authoritarian views, just not German Nationalist views. For Instance, people with German-Turkish double citizenship living in Germany, overwhelmingly vote left in Germany, but right in Turkey at the same time (here, 63% voted for Erdogan’s presidential system). Erdogan, who is panning to unit this the Nationalist Party, also famously said, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

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