Swiss vote in favor of mandatory fees for state “propaganda”



The irony of direct democracy: The Swiss public have voted overwhelmingly in favor of retaining the mandatory fee in a national vote held on March 4th 2018. The state-run Public Service Media dominates the television and radio landscape as biggest media agency in the country, and – just as privat mainstream media – has repeatedly been caught spreading fake news. 71% of voters decided to keep paying the 390 Euros per year, and thus also voted for forcing most of the other 29%, who don’t watch television, to pay anyways. The average voter obtained most of their information to form their decision about the vote, well, from state television. 90% of the private media, newspapers and internet press is owned by only 4 corporations.

The state’s Television Agency has the stated mandate to influence the shaping of public opinions:

The Swiss Television and Radio Agency furthers the free shaping of opinion by providing comprehensive and factual information.“

So, in short the Swiss government forced the entire population to pay for television fees for decades which is by definition propaganda, and then helpes the public to form their opions to votes in favor for forcing everyone to pay for said propaganda…

Judging form the author’s own non- representative survey, the voting outcome seems to be legitimate.


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