First They Came For Alex Jones… censorship and the real election meddling

Facebook, YouTube (Google), Spotify and Apple ban Alex Jones within 12 hours, an apparently cordinated effort. So ironically, the media monopoly accuses their opposition of spreading conspiracy theories and resort to a conspiracy to shut down these opponents.  For those who aren’t particularly fans of Infowars (like myself), keep in mind, non of the platforms cited any specific incident of “hatespeech”, accusations are vague along the lines of ‘using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants’. If you agree with the tech giants’ censorship, beware they will turn on you sooner or later. The left is never satisfied with half hearted democratic dominance, they need full totalitarian socialism , if you are a moderate democrat, the will come after you next.

Watch Comment by: Computing Forever 08-06- 2018


alex jones banned

alex jones banned

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  1. Alex Jones, although he is a consummate, habitual, pathological liar, still has the right to broad cast his lies and hyperbole i.e. “Sandy Hook was all staged” I hope that the consequential lawsuits against him are successful to the extent that he has to live under bridges for the rest of his life.


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