Chemnitz, Germany, the two different Narratives of the Protests. Are Authorities trying to incite Civil War?

There are two opposing narratives on the protests in Chemnitz, Germany

1: On Sunday August 26, 2018, the City of Chemnitz, Germany celebrated their annual city festival. The organisers cancelled the festival out of piety, after three men (Germans with migration background) were stabbed, one of which was killed this 25 knife wounds, the two others were critically injured. Citizens and friends held a vigil for the victim. Later that day, 1000 citizens marched through the streets, at first peacefully, the police announced two suspects of the killing, one Syrian and one Iraqi were arrested (under ‘strong suspicion’). Shortly after, Hooligans and apparent rights wing groups joined the protests. Witnesses say apparent migrants had approached the vigil site of the killing, laughing and mocking the victims, after which they were chased away by friends and citizens. There were four cases of ‘agression’ against migrants reported to the police for pushing, shoving’ and ‘insults’.  Witnesses claim a survey of licence plates on the main parking lot reviled that most of the violent protesters came from other federal states. On the following protest on Monday with 5000 demonstraters, the police reported 2 protests injured an hospitalised by 20 counter-protests.

2: The mainstream media and politician’s narrative: The mayor said the festival had to be cancelled because of right wind riots, (She did not comment why deadly stabbings would be no reason to cancel a party). After a stabbing due to a argument between people of different nationalities, ‘hords of violent far right protesters’ were attacking migrants and engaging in ‘manhunts’. Media and politicians make Nazi comparisons and call for harsh police engagement against local protesters.

Antifa and other left wing activists are calling to “burn down Chemnitz” and attack all citizen protesters. So far, no politician condemns left wing violence or the initial killings.


Update (8-30-2018)

Ulrich Oehme,

Parlament member, Ulrich Oehme, (Bundestagsabgeordeter) said in a facebook post that the son of a friend was attacked by a group 20 of far left activists on 8-27-2018 . The victims of the attack themselves were friends of the man stabbed to death. The group of 5 had left the peacefull demonstration and were assaulted, beaten and kicked in the head. One was stuck in the head with the ammunition of a signal pistol.

One of the suspects arrested (under ‘strong suspicion’, is Alaa S. on the right). The arrest warrant reviled that the suspect from Syria had been convicted in Germany before. On facebook he posted in 2016:” I will kill you, my friends.” In other entries, he poses with fire arms. The other suspect was also convicted for aggravated assault, he was listed for deportation but was not deported fo unknown reasons.



Hagen Grell: Im Chemnitz gab es einen Mord durch Migranten und einen Spontanprotest. Die Geschichten der Systempresse und freien Presse könnten unterschiedlicher kaum sein.

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