Chemnitz: Swiss Government issues travel advisory for German Cities (plural) because of possible Riots and Terror Attacks.


Chemnitz federal police against protesters.png

After it turns out that reports by politicians and media about migrants been ‘hunted’ were false.  “Hunts on migrants did not happen.”. Several instances of shoving, pushing and “insults” were reported. Instead protesters were indeed hunted down. 5 protesters (and friends of the victim of initial stabbing) were hunted by 20 masked counter- protesters and beaten and kicked in the head, one underwent surgery. German authorities are panning the deploying the federal police or the military to subdue the coming protests against the governments migration policies announced for Saturday.

Now the foreign ministry of Switzerland issued a travel advisory:

“In large cities (plural) demonstrations can take place. The German authorities point out the risk of terror attacks. The following attacks have occurred in the past:”

Listed are 4 Terror attack from 2016-2017.

“Travellers are asked to follow the instructions of local law enforcement.”


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