Chemnitz: Is the German Government trying to provoke Civil War against citizen protesters?

Chemnitz protests 2018

Chemnitz banner “We the people are rising, for the future of our children”.

Update of 9-5-2018: Angela Merkel’s speaker Seibert and Minister president Kretschmer both confirms: “There were no mobs and no ‘human hunts’ in Chemnitz:”

As large scale protests continue, the situation in Chemnitz, Germany is escalating. Politicians and Media are denouncing supposed “human hunts” against migrants and slander the majority of citizen protesters as “Far-right”or “Neo-Nazis.”

The Merkel government is deploying the Federal Police at the Saturday, Sept 1. protests, its first mission against citizen protesters in history. 

“Hunts on migrants did not happen.”

It turns out: It wasn’t migrants or left wing activists who were hunted and attacked by protesters, but vice versa. 

Editor in Chief of Chemnitzer Regionalzeitung „Freie Presse“ Torsten Kleditztsch said “we did not see any hunts on migrants”. There were isolated minor confrontations on all sides, between Antifa counter- protests and protesters, and possibly migrants. Police reported several cases of shoving, pushing and “insults” including at least four alleged cases against migrants. The media keeps talking about “extremely violent clashes”. There is no evidence for such clashes or “vigilante hunts”, until proven otherwise it must be regarded as fake news.


One local reporter spoke of ‘scuffles’ (Rangeleien). There is only one video by Antifa of a men being apparently chase away; with no context provided. 

The human hunts that did indeed take place were by counter-protesters who attacked protesters after the main event. Ulrich Oehme, a representative of parliament, reported on Facebook how a the son of a friend was attacked and severely injured by a violent mob.

 5 protesters (who were friends of the victim of the initial stabbing) were hunted by 20 masked counter- protesters and beaten and kicked in the head, one was struck on the head with signal pistol ammunition, one sustained broken ribs, another skull fractures, undergoing surgery. 

How it all started:

On Sunday August 26, 2018, the city of Chemnitz, Germany celebrated their annual city festival. The organisers cancelled the festival out of piety, after three men (Germans with migration background) were stabbed, one of which was killed with 25 knife wounds, the two others were critically injured. Citizens and friends held a vigil for the victim. Later that day, 1000 citizens marched through the streets peacefully, the police announced that two suspects of the killing, one Syrian and one Iraqi were arrested (under ‘strong suspicion’). Shortly after, Hooligans and apparent right- wing groups joined the protests. Witnesses say apparent migrants had approached the vigil site of the killing, laughing and mocking the victims, after which they were chased away by friends and citizens. There were four cases of aggression against migrants reported to the police for pushing, shoving’ and ‘insults’, no injuries. Witnesses claim a survey of licence plates on the main parking lot revealed that most of the violent protesters came from other federal states.

The mainstream media and politician’s narrative: 

The festival was cancelled before the protests, but the mayor Barbara Ludwig falsely said the festival had to be cancelled because of right wing riots, (She did not comment why deadly stabbings would be no reason in her mind to cancel a party). The mainstream media reports that after a stabbing due to a ‘argument’ between people of different nationalities, ‘hords of violent far right protesters’ were attacking migrants and engaging in ‘human hunts’. Antifa and other left wing activists are calling to “burn down Chemnitz” and attack all citizen protesters. Until 8-29-2018 no politician condemns left wing violence or the initial killings.

After the background of the protest became widely known, it came to the surface that the inner city of Chemnitz had been turning into a no- go area within the last few years. Now, left wing politicians and commentators try to capitalise on the havoc their migration policies have created, and say the protesters this week now turned Chemnitz into a no- go area for migrants. 

On the following rally on Monday, there were over 5000 protesters who, in all but a few cases, distance themselves from right- wing extremists, Neo-Nazis and the like. Almost all protesters make it clear that they are explicitly against the migration policies of the German government (for instance the fact that recent criminal migrants rarely are deported) and not against migrants per se. Europeans are overwhelmingly against immigration: Poll) 

Even minister president Michael Kretschmer acknowledged that he is aware the great majority of the protesters are normal people, not right wing radicals, but media keep showing pictures of a handful of protesters out of 10,000 who make Nazi salutes.

The organisers of the 3rd demonstration in Chemnitz proclaimed that anyone seen showing a Hittler salute will be immediately expelled from the rally. 

Yes, apparently there were a few Neo-Nazis or people who convincingly presented themselves as such. Attendees of tomorrows protest must make sure to point those out at rallies, denounce and expel them, and make it clear they are not welcome with the people. Further, all confrontation with counter- protesters must be prohibited and provocateurs exposed. 

Federal Police deployed

Angela Merkel said she is concerned and shocked about the ‘ganging up of hordes’ (Zusammenrottungen). This is  apparently meant to intimidate future protesters and prevent them from attending. The term  ‘Zusammenrottungen’ is verbatim what the communist East Germany used to condemn the anti government protests. Merkel is an alleged informer of the former East German secret police.

Foreign Minister Heiko Mass had the nerve to complain that Chemnitz protests were staining Germanys reputation in the world. 

The Merkel government has deployed the Federal Police to subdue the coming protests announced for Saturday. 

Its the first time that the Federal Police is deployed against citizen protesters. 

A speaker of Federal Minister Horst Seehofer confirmed it has been mobilised en route to Chemnitz.

Here lies the great danger for the Chemnitz citizen’s protests. 

In 2009, the EU legalised the death penalty for protesters against the national governments. 

In a complicated legal manoeuvre, the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, which forbid the death penalty, was undermined in the Treaty of Lisbon.  

As Dr. Schachtschneider pointed out in detail, amendments to

 “the Charter of Fundamental Rights enables the re-introduction of the death penalty in the event of war or in the event of imminent threat of war, but also the killing of people in order to suppress an uprising or a riot.”

A high profile soccer game Dresden vs. Hamburg SV, of Saturday was cancelled because all riot police planned for this match are re- dispatched to the Sept 1 demonstration in Chemnitz.

Tomorrow, Sept. 1, happens to be the 79th commemoration day of the beginning of World War II. 

Several leftist outlets and activists encourage migrants and refugees to go to Chemnitz to protest against the right wind radicals. If they really believe the official narrative that there are Nazis  ‘hunting’ migrants, that is a very dangerous constellation and migrants might feel compelled to proactivley attack the peacefully protesters. 

Today, the foreign ministry of Switzerland issued travel advisory for Germany because of protests and Terror:

“In large cities (plural) demonstrations can take place. The German authorities point out the risk of terror attacks. The following attacks have occurred in the past:”

Listed are 4 Terror attacks from 2016-2017.

“Travellers are asked to follow the instructions of local law enforcement.”

As the media is spinning the Neo- Nazi narrative, they forgot to point out that, if there were Neo- Nazis hunting migrants, they would go to a refugee asylum as in Rostock in 1992. Further, no hint of antisemitism is noticed. 

 Jews in Chemnitz afraid of migrants, not of “Neo- Nazis.”

The head of the Jewish communist , Ruth Roecher, was interviewed about ‘right wing’ rallies in the Jüdische Allgemeine 

Roecher said “Chemnitz used to be a quiet city and a city, in which one could live well, a city of culture, we as the Jewish community are very welcome in Chemnitz. But the altered situation, since the refugees are here, some people don’t like this. And also “our People” are, since 2015, simply afraid. Because we know from which countries many of the refugees are coming and what information they are given there about Israel and Judaism.”

There were no threats against Jews whatsoever (from citizens) “we are not in the focus, at least for now”. 


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