Are Bush and the Obamas exchanging secret notes because they are under surveillance?

G. W. Bush Obama exchange notes at funeral of Bush Senior?

G. W. Bush Obama exchange notes at funeral of Bush Senior?

Making gifts of candy at a presidential funeral while giggling in the first row is anything from un- presidential to inappropriate to immature. And sharing little notes belongs rather to a high school classroom. Only years ago almost everybody would have found it awkward enough, but CNN, as part of the propaganda ministry of the deep state, had to  jump in preemptively and tell their last few thousand viewers what a ‘sweet gesture’ this was and that it was indeed candy. Now George W Bush is, just as late McCain, suddenly the hero of the left media too, forgotten are the war-mongering, his joking about the non-existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Remember how the mainstream press called him the worst president of all times? Now: “Michelle Obama’s heart is very open to G. W. Bush.” And we learn from CNN that they did the same at McCain’s funeral a few weeks ago. Why are the left suddenly friends with neo-cons and former right wingers. Well, they all have two things in common: they are alleged traitors/ war criminals and they are furiously against Trump. 

There has been plenty of talk about sealed indictments against the Clintons, Barack Obama and the rest of the political establishment or the deep state and how Trump and a patriotic branch of the military are allegedly working in the background to take down the Clintons and their  deep state cronies.

Meanwhile, the FIRST DOJ INDICTMENTS are UNSEALED: Clinton Foundation-Connected Bank “Mossack Fonseca” Tied To Money Laundering.

Are things coming to the foreground at last?

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