The War Against Women: Woman fights back against sexual assault, and gets charged with assault. 

Wiener Silvester 2018 image.

Wiener Silvester 2018 image.

Once more, this New Years Eve in Europe, violence and assaults – particularly against women – reached levels that were unknown (an largely unimaginable) before 2015. European governments and media make it clear that they have de-facto declared war against women in Europe (not only against European women) by downplaying the loss of security for women and by blaming the victims.

– A 20- year-old Afghan man in Vienna groped and sexually assaulted several women. One 20- year- old Swiss woman, who was grabbed at the buttocks, turned around and punched the attacker, breaking his nose. This brave action would have – only five years ago – been applauded by decent men and feminists alike as an example of female empowerment. In this new world, the Vienna Police charged not only the attacker for molestation, but also the victim is charged with assault.  

Almost all newspapers cover up the fact that the victim is charged. 

Additional incidences of violence on New Years Eve 2018- 2019 in Germany:

-A German woman was shot in the head and killed by an unknown gunman while she was watching the new years fireworks with her family in front of her house. 

-In Osnabrück, two 17-year- old women were sexually molested and groped by a group of 10 men, composed of Afghans, Syrians and one German citizen.

-In Cottbus, 4 German men were injured by a group of about 12 migrants in a brawl after one German was injured by fireworks fired at them. 

-Also in Cottbus, a German man was stabbed and severely injured by a migrant on New Years Eve. 

-In Frankfurt, 3 cases of attempted killings in knife attacks were reported. 

-In Dortmund, police were attacked with bottles and fireworks fired out of a group of 400 people.

Meanwhile it is often collectivist elite women, expressing self hatred, who drive the policies that led to the current state of destructiveness. Korrespondent of federal state television ZDF, Nicole Diekmann tweeted:

“Everyone who doesn’t vote for the Green Party is a Nazi.”

(“Nazis get out” — “who is an Nazi?” — Everyone who doesn’t vote for the Green Party”.)

grune zdf kerrespondentin

Prominent politician of the Green Party of Schleswig Holstein, Miene Waziri said:

” I wish Germany would have been bombed to extinction during World War II. This country does not deserve the right to exist.”.


miene waziri-tweet-bomben

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