Orwellian ‘Face Crime’ MAGA Kids


maga hat kid smirk face crime

MAGA hat kid smirk face crime

The story of the complete Main Street Media propaganda fail of the MAGA Kids has been sufficiently covered. Mainstream media and left wind opinion shapers have called for violence against these high school kids. What they didn’t say is that the Black Hebrew Israelites started the provocations, insulting the Native Americans, yelling that the reason the Native Americans had their land stolen was they worshipped buffalos and totem poles instead of the real god Yahweh. they also called the the natives “Uncle Tomahawks”.

Without any provocation, the Black Israelites also called the catholic students “inbreds”, “the next school shutters”, “basters”, inferior because of lack os melanine, adding anti- gay slurs. Full video here:

Longer video of Native Americans, MAGA cap high-schoolers, and Black Hebrew Israelites encounter tells a different story

trump pocahuntas warren

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