Fake News: Swiss State TV stages Anti- Bolsonaro-Protest at WEF Davos

Whether they want to call it staging, choreographing, a ‘performance’ or making a full scale propaganda production…. the footage is falsely presented as a authentic protest.  A film crew of Swiss State television SRF is staging a protest where a figure with a Bolsonaro mask is cutting down a tree figure holding a Brazilian flag. The producer arranges the costumes and gives directions: “Turn your head, Ueli (Swiss name), move this way, great, now saw full force.”

 See video on Sputnik .

One is almost reminded of when last year, the globalist elite in Davos warned the people against ‘populism’ (populism: “support for the concerns of ordinary people”, Oxford dictionary). This year, The New Yorker Times warns“Brazil’s Bolsonaro Is the Face of Populism at the Davos Forum”.

wef swiss television stages protest

Swiss television stages protest at WEF


wef swiss television fake news






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