Democratic Party is taking down its mask: Infanticide is now Legal in the United States.

Infanticide New York 2019 abortion Bill gettyimages-535242228

Infanticide New York 2019 abortion bill image: gettyimages-535242228

Last week, Democrats in New York legalized third trimester abortions, allowing women to abort a fully formed, viable and healthy infant for any reason virtually up to the point of birth.  Women need only claim that their health, which includes the catchall of emotional and mental health, is at risk.  Further, she can have her infant, who can survive outside the womb and must be delivered anyway, murdered by lethal injection to the skull.

This bloodthirsty lunacy has spread to the state of Virginia as the Democrats there are now proposing their own third trimester abortion law.  Under their proposal the law would allow a woman to abort her child up to, and even during labor.  In short if a child is mere seconds from coming out alive and healthy, it can still be killed in the birth canal by lethal injection and discarded among the medical waste.  The so-called moderate Democratic governor of Virginia, in a radio interview, endorsed the notion that a woman should not only be allowed to abort her child during childbirth but that she should be able to let that infant, born alive, die on the table if she decided afterwards that she did not want the baby. (https://www.dailywire.com/news/42839/watch-democratic-va-governor-endorses-murder-born-ben-shapiro)

Now the Governor of Rhode Island, Democrat Gina Raimondo, has signaled that she wishes to support a similar bill.  Theirs would legalize all abortions, at any stage, for any reason and would overturn the state’s ban on partial birth abortion, which would allow delivering a healthy baby alive then killing it by crushing its skull and suctioning out the brain as it as it emerges from the womb.

Further, Democrats in Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont and Washington D.C. have either proposed to or have legalized third trimester abortions.   This even though 74% of all American oppose not only third trimester abortions but 2nd trimester as well. (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/americans-support-supreme-court-ruling-to-restrict-abortion-oppose-taxpayer)  Nonetheless, this barbaric mindset is now a mainstream position that far too many soulless maniacs in the party hold including all those planning to run for president in 2020.

The United States is now the only so-called civilized nation in the world that has codified and legalized infanticide.   There is no longer an argument over when life begins rather that this nation is now approaching the same disregard for humanity exhibited by the Third Reich in the 1930’s.

How did this country founded on the basis…”that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” descend into this abyss?

Today, many in the United States and Europe, in their pursuit of lives of relative ease, have turned their backs on God. This deliberate denial coupled with disdain toward the basic rules of human behavior as espoused by Judeo-Christian teachings has eventuated in the all-consuming pursuit of unfettered personal and physical satisfaction.

The moral fiber of a country, and the religious basis upon which the United States and European nations developed, is being replaced by a misguided faith in man and his institutions. Although mankind has accomplished great things, the human race has always been overwhelmingly susceptible to its base nature.  It is the succumbing to this base nature that has been the downfall of civilizations since the dawn of man.

The modern historic consequence of repudiating established moral and ethical guidelines is a society or culture that is inevitably devoid of humility, honor, decency and respect for the dignity of human life.

In Europe today less than half of the populace believes in God’s existence (as described in the Bible) and fewer than 25% attend at least one religious service in a course of a year (down from 61% in 1960) meanwhile nearly 45% believe that there are no moral absolutes.   In the United States 52% believe in a biblical God (www.pewforum.org/2018/04/25/when-americans-say-they-believe-in-god-what-do-they-mean/) down from 70% in 1960 and 56% attend at least one religious service per year. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/245491/church-attendance-of-americans/)  down from over 75% in 1960.

In Europe one of the visible manifestations of this self-absorption is a catastrophically negative birth rate– the end-product of over one hundred and fifteen million abortions since 1970.  Further, unconstrained euthanasia is being legalized throughout the continent as those inconvenient to society are gradually being eliminated.

This self-centeredness has eventuated in the importation of Muslim migrants in order to ostensibly maintain their labor force and thus their economies and standard of living within virtually all European countries.  This massive influence of immigrants has, for the most part, refused to assimilate and, due to their religious beliefs, they are determined to transform the continent into an adjunct of an eventual Islamic Caliphate.  In the meantime, violence and terrorism are increasingly plaguing many nations through the continent.

Over the past century, by tolerating the ascendancy of man’s ignoble nature and abandoning long established moral principles the nations of Europe have suffered the near-total destruction of a continent and the loss of nearly one hundred million lives in two wars and the emergence of communism.  Nonetheless, these same nations have chosen, yet again, to go down this same path and are now beginning to reap the whirlwind of societal turmoil thus becoming susceptible to violent overthrow by internal or external forces seeking supremacy and subjugation.

The agnostic and hedonistic American Left, which now dominates the Democratic Party and controls the education, entertainment and media establishments, has been the primary engine of transforming the nation.  Thus, over the past 40 years the citizenry of the United States has been increasingly emulating their counterparts in Europe.   American society is also rapidly descending into chaos and uncertainty.  With a major political party now overtly and unabashedly promoting infanticide this descent has dramatically accelerated.

Since 1972, over 60 million babies have been aborted (36% of all abortions are among minority women yet they constitute 13% of the population in what can be considered a de facto genocide). (http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html)   The importation of immigrants, either legal or illegal, is becoming a necessity as the birth rate in the United States is beginning to mirror that in Europe.  Euthanasia is increasingly being legalized and promoted as well.

Respect for the sanctity of life is rapidly eroding as hedonism, avarice, duplicity, and megalomania increasingly are the hallmarks of American society.

If these trends are not reversed, then a societal upheaval will assuredly happen eventuating in the destruction of the culture and a potentially violent internal conflict resulting in the fragmentation of the country.

In order to avoid the potential catastrophe looming over the horizon, the American people must wake up and acknowledge that throughout modern history, the key to peace and prosperity lies in a relationship with God and, more importantly, striving to live by established moral and ethical guidelines.  If not then there will be an enormous price to pay.
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