Climate- Religion Fanatics: “Fridays for Future”: Berlin’s Bishop Koch compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus



Comment AEC: The doctrine of man- made climate change is an anti-scientific, fascist death cult: Don’t have babies, dissolve western civilisation (dissolve democracy), make Third-World farmers starve to “save the climate”. And the international elites are using children and make them rally against their own future.

Learn how climate change has nothing (or almost nothing) to do with man- made CO2 (here) and how the next Grand Solar Minimum may cause many of the ’climate change’ scenarios predicted by the cult leaders of CO2- climate change (here). Also, Grand Solar Minima are historically associated with long-term peace and the implementation of human rights.  April 13 2019

“Fridays for Future”: Berlin’s Bishop Koch compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus

Berlin’s Bishop Heiner Koch compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus. The “Fridays for Future” -demonstrators would see in Thunberg an idol, by some politicians and media Greta is now revered as a kind of heroine, Koch said.

The Friday demos reminded him “of the biblical scene of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem,” said Berlin’s Bishop Heiner Koch. Activist Greta Thunberg is an idol, and rightly so: sometimes a society needs “real” prophets.

K Shortly before the Easter celebrations, Berlin’s Bishop Heiner Koch tried to translate the Bible into the present. He compared the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg with Jesus Christ.

The “Fridays for Future” demonstrators would be an idol in Thunberg, some politicians and media Grete is now worshiped as a kind of heroine, Koch said in his Episcopal word on Saturday on RBB radio. “The Friday demos remind me a little of the biblical scene of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem,” Koch said, referring to Holy Week, at the end of which, on Good Friday, reminds Christians of the death of Jesus on the cross.

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was for many “a kind of triumphal procession for a folk hero”. Some saw him as a “prophet, a national savior”. He is not concerned with turning Greta Thunberg into a female Messiah, Koch said, adding: “However, I would like to recall that from time to time our society and also our church needs genuine prophets who are focused on abuses and aberrations point out and propose solutions. ”

No call for school truancy

This also applies if they do not meet with undivided approval or ways such as truancy” are highly ambiguous to evaluate. ” Society and church would live by role models who are reliable and modest, where they can rub themselves and learn from them, said the bishop.

For several weeks, young people around the world have been taking to the streets worldwide on Fridays for climate protection rather than attending school or university. Model is the 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg, who gained international attention with a school-leaving strike lasting several weeks.


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  1. What a bunch of ignorant lunatics, but thats normal for the religious, regardless of the religion.


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