German Socialist Party threatens to “throw out Nationalists ice cold” with baseball bats.

Jusos-Berlin party SPD- baseball bat

Jusos-Berlin party SPD- baseball bat

Days before the EU- Elections, the German Jusos (Young Socialists, the youth fraction of the Social-democrat Party SPD) features election posters showing a person in a EU- sweat shirt and a baseball bat with the slogan “throw out / bump off Nationalism ice cold!”  (Translation Oxford dictionary („Nationalismus eiskalt abservieren!“ ). And who are nationalists anyways in the eyes of the far-left, which is becoming undistinguishable from “the left”? Political violence is now commonplace against moderate right-wing or even centrist organisations and civilians . I once called the current day Antifa the “Brown Shirts of the Inter-National Socialists”. I refer the reader to “The Inter- National Socialists, Inter- Nazis*,” (Excerpt from ‘Solar History’ Chapter 22) We are now finding out whether I was exaggerating. And I have not even used the term Hitler Youth yet. Imagine a conservative party would make such posters…

The German conservative/ liberal party AfD is physically attacked weekly, their cars and offices burnt, because it is the only party in Germany that criticises Merkel’s and the EU’s migration policies. But the left-wing radicals, who only years ago used to protest actual elitists, don’t know or don’t care that Merkel’s CDU used to hold the exact same positions only 15 years ago as AfD has today. And thus they keep protesting in favour of the globalist elites, pro establishment governments, pro EU, pro Big Banks, pro CO2 taxes, just as the establishment tells them to, and against the interests of normal people.  

German Article here. 



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