Identitarians troll Pro-Migration Rally: “Europe for all 1,3 Billion Africans”. 

IB Bayern -"Europa for all 1.3 Billion Africans"

IB Bayern -“Europe for all 1.3 Billion Africans” pro Migration Rally

Pro-Migration activists applaud absurd demands. 

On Saturday, My 18, a rally pro uncontrolled migration was held in Munich under the motto: „ Europe for all – a voice against Nationalism”. (Ein Europa für alle – Deine Stimme gegen Nationalismus), as  reported.

Trolls from the Identitarian Movement (IB Bayern)  marched with an obviously sarcastic banner saying “Europe for all 1,3 billion Africans”. Only few of the real protesters asked whether the demand to import 1.3 Billion Migrants into a the EU (population  2019=  551 Millions) was somewhat unrealistic. The trolls told a group of young real protesters, “we exploited Africa, now it is only fair that we invite all Africans to Europe and provide for them indefinitely.” The protesters then apologised for asking and proceeded to take selfies in front of the banner. As usual in these circles, no protester was reported to offer to personally house and provide for two migrants per citizen, as left-wing politicians keep promising the “rich” will pay for it.

Meanwhile,  EU Commission President Juncker slams “Stupid Nationalists, who are in love with their own countries.” just before the EU Elections,

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