Bilderberg 2019 – First Day May 30th

Montreux, Switzerland / Attendees arrived today. Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Josh Friedman and others were detained by police at the Airport Geneva. I was detained for 20 minutes outside the hotel for taking a picture of the hotel garden from a public sidewalk and then warned not to take pictures of arriving cars at the parking garage.  This years conference is marked by an extra degree of secrecy, the location was kept secret until two days ago. Police, intelligence and private security appear slightly nervous this year dispute the lovely weather. About a dozen journalists and activists showed up at Fairmont Hotel Le Montreux Palace. Few Bilderbergers are seen walking on public ground, the fences surrounding the complex were covered with tarps and several tons of potted plants were place just yesterday to block the view of the main entrance. Among the topics this year:

-What Next for Europe?   -Climate Change and Sustainability.    -The Weaponisation of Social Media I,e.: Migration and Climate Change and how to control the narrative about these issues.

A few first impressions:

Bilderberg 2019 Entrance

Bilderberg 2019 Entrance

Bilderberg 2019 Montreux

Bilderberg 2019 .

Bilderberg 2019.  .JPG


Bilderberg Meeting 2019.JPG


Bilderberg Yellow Wests

Bilderberg Yellow Wests


Bilderberg 2019

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