Bilderberg 2019: full Group arrives for late Night Event in Chillon Castle

Montreux, Switzerland: On Saturday, June 1st, the Bilderberg Group left for a late night excursion by boat to the famous Chateaux Chillon, the water castle outside of Montreux. I attended Jan from (Poland), who took this remarable footage of what appears to be the full assembly of this year’s Bilderberg Group (About 160 people disembarked, including security personal). They entered the castle at 20 45h shortly before sunset. Earlier, Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Charlie Skelton and others captured the attendees boarding the boat at a tennis club in Montreux. During the day, preparations for the late night event were ongoing discretely while the chateau was still open to the public until 19 00h, including a group of 6 divers checking the waters around the castle island. Airport style metal detectors were installed at the main gate bridge, where the attendees later entered and bomb detector squads cleared the parks. The Island and the visiter parking spaces at the road were blocked. Although an excursion of the full group usually takes place on Saturday afternoon every year, the Bilderburg Group has not been filmed in its entire assembly with most faces recognisable. If anyone spots and recognises by name any attendee (the ones with white ribbons for the name tag) who were not on the list (see previous post) please let me know. This may have legal implications in respect to the American Logan Act, or the Swiss law that forbids secret meetings “with a foreign power” for Swiss citizens (Article 2016A)


Thanks to Jan from




Chateau Chillon. Image-

Chateau Chillon. Image-


Bilderberg 2019 Boat Castle

Bilderberg 2019 Boat Castle

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