Covered- up: 46,336 Germans were victims of criminal Migrants in 2018; 127 VICTIMS per day!


kriminalstatistik-deutschland 2018 BKA Image: Wochenbild

kriminalstatistik-deutschland 2018 BKA Image: Wochenbild

Article based on: Wochenbild : Vertuscht: 46,336 Deutsche wurden 2018 Opfer krimineller Migranten!; 

When the new police crime statistics for the year 2018 in Germany were published in April 2019, left-wing politicians congratulated themselves for the alleged decline in crime.

Now the latest Situation Report on Criminality in the context of migration (see pdf below) by the German Federal Departement of Criminality (BKA) reveals the real state of affairs, and the numbers are staggering: Among the total of 101’956 victims of crimes with a immigrant as the suspect, 46,336 were German victims!

Situation Report reveals the truth

In April of 2019 the mainstream media alleged that violence against non- citizens and the persecution of Jewish citizens had increased dramatically, while crime had generally declined. But all these statements are now exposed by observers as “huge statistical lies”. According to the figures published in the Situation Report by the BKA, the number of murders of Germans by the immigrant group increased by a staggering 105 percent compared to 2017. Rapes committed by non-citizens climbed to a record 13,377 cases, the number of assault with ‘severe and most severe bodily harm’ against Germans rose to 55,359. Likewise, the new BKA Situation Report exposes the claims of allegedly increasing violence by Germans against foreigners as a bold lie. 

Violence by Germans against foreigners is rare.  Anti-semitic crimes by migrants on the rise. 

In fact, only 8,455 passport Germans were involved in the 47,042 attacks on foreigners. Most of the foreign attacks were made by other migrants, not by Germans. Similarly manipulative are allegations that the increased attacks on Jewish citizens were committed by Germans citizens. The police automatically attributes all unsolved crimes committed against Jews and Israeli citizens living in Germany to right-wing German perpetrators.  Even if there was no evidence, and even when the victims describe the suspect by speech and appearance as Middle Easterners, the crime is archived as “right-wing”. I reported here how German Jewish organisations have long pointed out that (almost) all antisemitic attacks are committed by (muslim) migrants, but this fact is simply ignored and covered up by the German left-dominated political and justice system. This evokes memories of Germany’s past.

Inside Germany’s prisons

Also the inmate demographics of German prisons are emblematic for the web of lies around the truth about crime and migration in Germany. 

Since 2015, in Hamburg alone the proportion of foreigners in the German penal system rose to today’s 61 % of all detainees. In Berlin it is 51%, in Baden-Württemberg 48%, in Bavaria 45% and Hesse 44%.  And in these figures, the large personage of foreigners who had acquired German citizenship, is not yet included.

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