This is what cheap propaganda looks like. Today’s leading democrats simply need unlimited migration from the third world for votes, that’s all. They do not care for poor people at all. These photos of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were allegedly taken during a 2018 event outside a migrant “tent city” in Tornillo, it turns out it was a photoshoot on a stage set.

AOC fake crying at fake border fence

AOC fake crying at fake border fence

Here a general question at the root of all narratives of oppression, exploitation and migration:

Who is fleeing from whom to where?

By the law of nature the oppressed is generally fleeing from the oppressor to the saviour. 

So why does everyone want to go to a western country, if the people there are so evil. Even if you believe with no evidence that in habitants of western nations owe everyone something. Why not just keep watching the left redistributing the wealth to poor countries? Well, it turns out western societies are the least racist, the least xenophobic, the least sexist and the least homophobic societies on the planet. 

In regards to the US border crisis, it should be asked what makes people travel thousands of miles and risk their lives just to get where the evil Americans are, who are by unexplainable means responsible for all misery in the world? And don’t get me wrong, we all know that great mistakes were made by war mongering factions of the government, Iran Contra, Iraq, funding drug cartels, overthrowing elected governments…

Alexandria Occasional Cortex also said the people trying to cross the US southern border are like the ‘Jews fleeing from Germany’. So I guess the Mexicans are Nazis too, then. She also says the border holding facilities are concentration camps. So everyone is a Nazi fleeing from Nazis or something.

The following analogy is sometimes oversimplified and thus misleading: If a person tries to break into your apartment and falls off the balcony while doing so, are you guilty of his suffering because you had locked your door? Here is the flaw in the analogy. If you are home and you know for a fact that the person is pursued unjustly and in danger of being hunted down, then you are morally obligated to offer protection in your home within reasonable boundaries. So let’s rephrase the comparison: 

If you know a person has fled from a place, crossed at least one save country and they injure themselves while trying into break into your home? Why should you be guilty for having locked your door? 

When have you heard a globalist elitists criticising Saudi Arabia, UAE or Japan for taking zero refugees? (all among the richest nations by GDP per capita)


‘Painful to look at’: AOC retweets emotional photos of herself at border, is called out for ‘staged’ stunt

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