The German Socialist Robot-Youth fighting for open Borders on behalf of the Establishment #unteilbar

#unteilbar Solidarität statt Ausgrenzung Demo in Dresden 24.08.2019


The German left-green political establishment, by now represented by almost all parties except AfD, is cracking down with increasing force against “opinion- criminals”, that is, citizens, who oppose the establishment’s mass migration politics, Wellcome- culture, and climate policies. Ironically, in this performance at the Unteibar Demonstration in Saxony, these young women, directed by a man, complain not only about closed borders, but also about “opinion- control” and “restriction of citizen rights”. In the demonstration, a conglomerate of left-wing and  left-extremist organisations were welcome. In case this seems reminiscent to you, be warned it is illegal to make historical comparisons to youth groups in Germany.

“Saxons! Let’s fight for something.”

“…Instead of wasting our time fighting right-wing slogans that belong to the garbage heap of history. The danger does not come from the outside into the country. The greatest danger for Dresden and Saxony was born in this country. One wants to lead us into a past against which the people took to the streets here 30 years ago. Closed borders, inhumane views, lack of freedom, control over opinion, restrictions of human rights citizen rights and civil liberties. Saxony becomes the epitome of those who, knowing the past, consciously and deliberately choose authoritarian oppressors. There are people all over Saxony who are involved, but there have to be more, we have to become more.”

Sächsinnen und Sachsen! Lasst uns für etwas kämpfen.”

“…Anstatt unsere Zeit mit dem Kampf gegen rechte Parolen zu verschwenden, die auf den Müllhaufen der Geschichte gehören. die Gefahr kommt nicht von aussen ins Land. Die grösste Gefahr für Dresden und Sachsen ist in diesem Land geboren. Man will uns in eine Vergangenheit führen, gegen die die Menschen hier vor 30 Jahren auf die Strasse gegangen sind. Geschlossene Grenzen, Menschenfeindlichkeit, Unfreiheit, Meinungskontrolle, Einschränkungen von Menschen-  Bürger- und Freiheitsrechten. Sachsen wird zum Inbegriff für all diejenigen, die im Wissen um die Vergangenheit, bewusst und gezielt, autoritäre Unterdrücker wählen. Es gibt überall in Sachsen Menschen, die sich engagieren, aber es müssen mehr werden, wIr müssen mehr werden. “


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