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Hitler’s “omen” and the beginning of WWII

Excerpt from Solar History: Chapter 21 Aurorae, War and Solar Maximum

Wars usually break out at Grand Solar Maximum, when solar storms/ geo-magnetic storms, aurora activity and especially out-of-place aurora sightings are more prevalent. Many wars and battles directly coincided with extraordinary aurora sightings, when despots and entire populations went mad, including the beginning of World War II, 80 years ago to this day. 

On the brighter side: from the perspective of solar activity, there is a statistically low probability of large conflicts in the next decade(s). (see below).

Aurora Solar Activity 1000-2000AD

Aurora Solar Activity 1000-2000 AD

The aurorae of January 25th, 1938, an extremely rare appearance, sparked fears in Zurich, Switzerland, of invasion by Germany. It was reported in many newspapers. The great aurora was seen over the whole of Europe and as far south as Sicily, Portugal and across the Atlantic to Bermuda and Southern California, in the southern hemisphere it reached well north into Southern Australia.[i]The New York Times titled: “Aurora borealis startles Europe. People flee, call fireman”. [ii]Different interpretations were circulated, some took it for a bad omen, while others were afraid the red glow over the horizon was from fires of actual warfare or burning cities in Germany, they thought war had broken out.

According to the late Vatican insider Father Malachi Martin, Hitler’s architect Albert Speer recounts in his second book, how Hitler saw the intense red hue over the night sky in the east in August, 1938 from his mountain retreat near Berchtersgarden in the German Alps. He took it as a sign, exclaiming “now it’s time to shed blood”. Father Martin claims Hitler interpreted the natural display as the fulfilment of the Second Secret of Fatima.[iii] We’ll clean up the minute error in the timeline in a minute.

The Second Secret prophesied in 1917, that WWI will end soon, (which it did one year later, on November 11th, 1918) but another war would break out:

“When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father.”

On the 1st of Sept 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, just days after another unusual aurora sighting. (The corresponding strong Schwabe cycle, solar cycle 17, had peaked in 1937). Here is an unabridged excerpt from Albert Speers biography Inside the third Reich, I leave in an extended portion with the attempt to provide some context to the evening of the celestial display, the behavior of mad psychopaths and the devastating aftermath (however they are related). [iv]

“About the beginning of August 1939, we, and untroubled group, drove with Hitler up to the eagle’s Nest. The long motorcade wound along the road which Bormann had blasted into the rock. Through a high bronze portal, we entered a marble hall, damp from the moisture in the heart of the mountain and stepped into the elevator of polished brass. As we rode up the hundred and sixty- five feet of shaft, Hitler said abruptly, as if he were talking to himself: „Perhaps something enormously important will happen soon. Even if I should have to send Goering … But if need be, I would even go myself. I am staking everything on this card.“ There was no more beyond  this hint.

Barely three weeks later, on August 21, 1939, we heard that the German Foreign Minister was in Moscow for some negotiations. During supper a note was handed to Hitler. He scanned it, stared into space for a moment, flushed deeply, then banged on the table so hard that the glasses rattled, and exclaimed in a voice breaking with excitement: „I have them! I have them!“ Seconds later he had already regained control of himself. No one dared to question, and the meal continued. After supper Hitler called his entourage together. „We are going to conclude a nonaggression pact with Russia. Here, read this. A telegram from Stalin.“ It briefly acknowledged the agreement that had been reached. To see the names of Hitler and Stalin linked in friendship on a piece of paper was the most staggering, the most exciting turn of events I could possibly have imagined. Immediately afterward we were shown a movie depicting Stalin watching a Red Army parade; a tremendous number of troops marched past him. Hitler expressed his gratification that this military might was now neutralized. He turned to his military adjutants, evidently wanting to hear their estimate of the mass display of weapons and troops. The ladies were still excluded, but of course they soon heard the news from us, and shortly afterward it was announced on the radio. Goebbels held an evening press conference on August 23rd in which he offered commentary on the pact. Hitler telephoned him immediately afterward. He wanted to know how the foreign correspondents had reacted. With eyes glistening feverishly, he told us what Goebbels had said. „The sensation was fantastic. And when the church bells simultaneously began ringing outside, a British correspondent fatalistically remarked: ‚That is the death knell of the British Empire.’ These words made the strongest impression upon Hitler in the euphoria that night. He thought he now stood so high as to be out of the reach of fate. In the course of the night we stood on the terrace of the Berghof with Hitler and marveled at a rare natural spectacle. Northern lights of unusual intensity threw red light on the legend-haunted Unterberg across the valley, while the sky above shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow. The last act of Goetterdaemmerung could not have been more effectively staged. The same red light bathed our faces and our hands. The display produced a curiously pensive mood among us. Abruptly turning to one of his military adjutants, Hitler said:

„Looks like a great deal of blood. This time we won’t bring it off without violence “.

Weeks before, the center of Hitler’s interests had already shifted to the military area. […]

By “this time” Hitler obviously referred to the bloodless takeovers of Austria and Czechoslovakia that preceded his grab for Poland. To Hitler, a non-aggression treaty with Russia didn’t mean peace, but rather green light from Stalin to invade Poland. The Soviet later attacked Poland from the East to the advantage of the Nazis and Poland was divided between the two.

So, a slight correction is made to the late Father Malachi’s timeline. The first and most notable aurora sightings that were reported in Switzerland on January 25th, 1938, were followed by several additional episodes (see below). According to Speer, Hitler witnessed the displays of the Northern Lights not in 1938 but on August 23rd, 1939 and the invasion of Poland followed one week later, beginning Sept 1st, 1939, the official start of WWII.

Not only did the thirst for blood around the world again go hand in hand with extraordinary aurorae and high solar activity but the dramatic visual effect must have raised particularly strong satanic sentiments of occultist Hitler and his cronies. It is disputed whether Hitler himself was a member of the racist, anti-Semitic Thule Society, who’s members founded the precursor of the NSDAP. Eric Kurlander of Yale University explains:

“The Thule adopted an elaborate array of esoteric traditions, including Ariosophic racism and esoteric symbols like the Indo-Aryan Swastika. But its main purpose was to unite all ‘social-national’ elements in creating a Greater Germany devoid of Jews, freemasons, and communists. Within weeks of Germany’s defeat in November 1918 the Thule Society members Anton Drexler and Karl Harrer created the German Workers Party (DAP), which Hitler joined nine months later, changing its name to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP).” [v]

The Thule Society identified Ultima Thule as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north, near Greenland or Iceland, said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea. According to Greek mythology, the Hyperboreans were a mythical race of giants who lived “beyond the North Wind”. [vi]As Nazi occultists combined a wide maze of esoteric believes, they also believed the Arian race were offspring of the lost continent of Plato’s Atlantis. The “Haus Atlantis” in the city of Bremen was built in 1931, designed by Herman Wirth, the Nazi ethnographer specializing in German ancestral heritage, the building was dedicated to the study of Atlantis and the Arian “super race”. Eric Kurlander relates that leading Nazi stormtroopers allied with the popular clairvoyant, Erik Hanussen, who, at a séance on the night of February 26th, 1933 ‘predicted’ the infamous Reichstag Fire, which justified the Nazi imposition of martial law. [vii]

More Aurorae in WWII

Already in World War One, Tchijevsky had identified an intense solar storm, or minor version of a Carrington Event,during the height of WWI. He made the following observations in connection to the conflicts of 1915:

“[…] The appearance of large sunspots was immediately followed by increased activities on different battle fronts simultaneously. The first observation was made in the middle of June 1915 when a large group of sunspots crossed the central meridian of the sun, and when the aurora borealis were exceedingly powerful in North America and Northern Europe, and magnetic storms were exceptionally strong and interfered with telegraph work. At the time of these phenomena, the hardest and bloodiest fights of the war were being fought by Germans, Russians, Austrians, Serbians, French and English.” [viii]

During the second World War, in a paper by M. Waldmeier (Zurich) on extraordinary aurorae in these years, published on 2ndof March, 1942, no direct connection to the war that was raging only a few hundred kilometers north of Zurich, was made. The author also documents extreme aurorae on Sep. 18/ 19 1941, and explains the solar cause of the great aurora event of 1938.[ix]But no explicit mention is made of Hitler’s August 23rd, 1939 aurora, if Speer was correct it was only one of many anomalous sightings between 1938 and 1942, we note the Sept 18th 1941 aurora appeared only 2 months after the invasion of Russia, another decisive battle of WWII.

The paper is titled “the Northern Lights of 25 January, 1939 and of 18 September, 1941 and their solar cause” and was published in the quaternary paper of the association for a natural science of Zurich”. It describes how R. Wolf and H. Fritz in Zurich had already in the 1860s discovered the parallel cycles of the northern lights and sun spot cycles. Waldmeier wrote that aurora activity in Europe in 1939- 1941 was the highest it had been since the record years of 1870-1872. In Switzerland, 10 single events of northern lights were reported in these early years of the war. The aurora of 25thJanuary 1938, is described as follows:

“In the afternoon the before clear skies were covered with cirrus clouds and the sun showed an intense halo […]”

At 20.34h pm, single strains of light had risen as high as the polar star. The astronomers measured a magnetic storm in the station for geomagnetic observation in the meteorological Institute in Regensdorf, near Zurich.

Also for 1941, we note more agreements with the WWII timeline. Hitler again invaded unexpectedly, in close proximity to extraordinarily rare aurorae, this time it was 2 months before the sighting of Sept 18th 1941.

Nazi Germany under the command of Adolf Hitler invaded the Soviet Union (now Russia) on June 22nd, 1941 in Operation Barbarossa. This was two days after Tamerlane’s (Timur’s) tomb was opened and the remains of Timur were sent to Moscow. This invasion came without any formal declaration of war, the largest military invasion of all times. [x]

Hitler named this operation after Frederic I Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor who died in 1190 in Asia Minor while leading an army in the Third Crusade. [xi]

The peak of the very corresponding strong Schwabe maximum was in 1938.5.

Some good news. From the perspective of solar activity, there is a statistically lower probability of large conflicts in the next few decades.

Sunspot Numbers NASA 1610- 2019 plus projection SC 25

Sunspot Numbers NASA 1610- 2019 plus projection SC 25

Incidentally, a strong geomagnetic storm occurred on the 80 years commemoration of the beginning of WWII with some aurora anomalies.

kp index Aug 30- Sep 1 2019

kp index Aug 30- Sep 1 2019

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